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Tokihut Veggie Foraging Mat™

Regular price $29.97

  • Exclusive Tokihut Design Foraging Thick Double Layer Mat: carrots, romaine lettuce/cabbage, bell peppers and beets 
  • Bring some excitement to your pet’s daily feeding routine by hiding various edible treats, pellets and herbal blends - satisfy your pet’s intellectual curiosity and keep them entertained as they hunt for the goodies.
  • Great for encouraging natural foraging skills, prevent boredom, stimulate the brain and slow down fast eaters.
  • Fold away after each feeding session and present daily for a fun food activity year-round!
  • Large 25” x 25” size is suitable for entertaining multiple pets at a time.
  • Machine wash gentle cycle and hang dry (if needed, not required)
  • Double fabric non-slip bottom