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Cheap effective rabbit toys UNDER $30 to prevent boredom

As rabbit owners we try to buy everything under the sun to make sure our rabbits are entertained, but sometimes (or most of the time) they're more amused with the cardboard packaging/box instead of the actual toy itself.  Or they get bored of some toys after a few hours or days - right?! 


1. Snuffle Mat - $24.99 (CLICK HERE)

If I had to choose only one toy for my rabbits to bring to an island for the rest of my life, it would be this snuffle mat.  It is by far one of my favorite ways to keep my rabbits engaged because not only is it relatively cheap, but none of my 7 rabbits have ever gotten bored of it!  These mats are great for stimulating your rabbit's natural instinct to forage for food. Hide pellets and treats in all the various areas to keep them exploring for hours! I usually pick either breakfast or dinner (or both) and give their pellets in this snuffle mat. Once they're done I fold it and store it away until the next day - I pretty much use this everyday and my rabbits think it's a totally new food exploration experience every time! Please note, I don't leave this mat in their area all day/night because my rabbits like to pee on fleece surfaces or they'll tear away some pieces.  Also, when you take it away and present it daily, it sparks their interest!  (Hint: if you have food dominant/aggressive rabbits in a group, I highly recommend getting a separate mat for each individual rabbit so they don't fight over one.)


Here's a video of the snuffle mat in use:


2. Curvy S Tunnel $19.99 AMAZON (CLICK HERE)

This curvy tunnel tops all other tunnels out there because of several important factors.  The S-shape gives way more excitement for your rabbits because they can't see all the way through like a straight tunnel (the straight tunnels are boring after a few days).  There are ties and connectors at each end so that when you buy a couple of these tunnels, you can easily hook all of them together to create a fun yet cheap maze!  Another huge reason why I recommend this one is because the exterior material is a durable faux suede which doesn't slide around too much and it's easy to clean the satin-y nylon interior.  At 46" in length, this tunnel is long enough if you buy just one and it also has 2 side openings which also works well for people with more than one rabbit!



3. Treat Ball $7.99 AMAZON (CLICK HERE)

Just like the snuffle mat, this treat ball is another way feed pellets/treats to keep your rabbits entertained.  You can control how much pellets spill out of the ball with the adjustable opening which is nice because it's the perfect way to teach your rabbits how the ball works!  Out of my 7 rabbits, 2 rabbit figured it out right away as if they've been using it all their lives and 5 rabbits gradually got the hang of it after a few days.  They all love pushing it around and nibbling.  Some rabbits eat their pellets too fast so this is a great way to slow them down!  (Hint: if you have several rabbits, I highly recommend getting a separate ball for each rabbit to prevent any fights).


Here is a video of my 10 year old senior rabbit getting her daily exercise with the treat ball:



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